Maolin Lu Laboratory


The Lu Laboratory is a part of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology at the UT Tyler School of Medicine.  The Lab is located in Lab C1 in the Biomedical Research Building or BMR, where the lab utilizes various unique research methods to fundamentally understand pathogenesis and the spread of infectious diseases. Besides BSL2 and BSL2+ lab essentials, our lab is equipped with the following equipment.

Customized prism-TIRF microscope and smFRET (single-molecule Förster resonance energy transfer): Using smFRET performed on a customized prism-TIRF microscope, we have been able to elucidate the dynamic nature of viral proteins, their interactions with host cells and the conformational changes that occur during viral replication.

Biotek Synergy HTX multi-mode microplate reader (model S1LA): This multi-functional microplate reader has units of absorbance plate reader, luminescence plate reader, and nanodrop plate. It is capable of reading ELISA microplates, luciferase microplates and DNA/protein concentration quantification. We primarily use it to do ELISA and cell-based luciferase assays.

Horiba FluoroMax spectrofluorometer equipped with TCSPC and polarization modules: The Horiba Fluoromax-plus Spectrofluorometer is widely used in photochemistry and photophysics. We will mainly use it for excitation/emission, anisotropy, and lifetime measurements of fluorescently labeled viral particles. Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting is a highly precise technique used in biophysics and biochemistry for measuring the lifetime of viral particles.

ÄKTA Pure Protein Purification System: The ÄKTA Pure 25 system is capable of performing various chromatography techniques, including affinity, ion exchange, size exclusion, and hydrophobic interaction chromatography. This versatility allows for the purification of a wide range of proteins, making it suitable for diverse research needs.

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